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Rabu, Juni 10, 2009

Reduce Stress by Budgeting Your Time

You've heard the expression, "Time is money." Learning to budget your time, just as you budget your money, can help organize your life and reduce stress, thus improving your health and overall quality of life.

This may seem obvious, but many people still have trouble declining extra demands on their time, especially when it involves commitments to people or causes we care about. But, if you don't put yourself first once in a while, there won't only be nothing left of your time, but there will be nothing left of you. Learning to simply say "no" without giving an explanation is one way to make a budget cut-back on your time. Commitments that cause you excess stress, simply aren't worth it.

Another way to cut down on unnecessary drains on your time is to learn to delegate. To do this, you may have to let go of your perfectionism and realize that other people can do a good job, too - even if they don't handle things exactly as you would. This can be as simple as letting someone else in the family take over household chores once in a while or hiring someone to take on the tasks of a personal assistant, housekeeper or gardener. Allow an employee to take over an area of your work that you usually do, but which realistically can be delegated. Some things must be done to perfection - but not everything. Reassess these areas of your life. Relinquishing a little bit of control in one area of your life will help you take control in other areas

Make time for sufficient sleep and exercise. Both of these energize you and make you better able to take on the tasks of the day. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep for you. This amount varies from 6 to 9.5 hours for most people. Allow, at least, half an hour a day for some kind of physical activity that you like whether it is walking, weight training, Pilates, aerobics. Gardening doesn't count! It must be sustained physical activity. Start gently. Remember, you're in it for life!

Organize your time! This is easier than you think. You don't have to plan every hour of your day - adhering to a tight schedule would definitely be a cause of stress! But, in the evening, plan the following day, jot down the things you must do on a note pad. Then think of which of these obligations can be delegated or even knocked off the list. Be sure to allow time for exercise and time with people you care about. Accomplishing a little bit every day gives you a sense of self-mastery. When you learn how to budget your time, it gives you more control over your life, reduces your stress level and improve your overall health.

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